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Affordable Commercial Roofing in Santa Clara, CA

Commercial Roof Repair Done Right

If you’re looking for an all-around commercial roofer in Silicon Valley, you’re where you need to be. We specialize in commercial roof repair or replacements, and there’s no project in Northern California that we won’t tackle. We’ll have our experienced roofing contractor team come anywhere in Santa Clara County and beyond!

As the home of Great Americal Theme Park and the future site of the San Francisco 49’ers new stadium, we’ll have a lot of visitors flying into the city, and you’ll want your business to look its best from the air. If your business has commercial metal roofing or commercial flat roofing, particularly one with advertising, there’s no better time to have an inspection, roofing maintenance, or finally have a Silicon Valley roofer take care of that repair you’ve put off too long.

As an all-around commercial roofing repair company, our roofers take pride in doing it all!

  • Commercial Roof Repair
  • Commercial Roof Replacement
  • Commercial Roof Coatings
  • Flat Roofing
  • Metal Roofing
  • Much More!

Speak to one of our expert commercial roofers today, and let’s get your business back to working for you!

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Roof Leaks Can Lead to Expensive Problems!

  • Prevent Mold & Mildew Growth
  • Avoid Structural Rot & Damage
  • Protect Office Furniture & Electronics
  • Prevent Electrical Problems

If you’ve noticed water stains on the ceiling or traveling down a wall, then you’re likely dealing with a roof leak. Roof leaks can quickly lead to wood rot, soaked insulation, mold, and further damage that can only be fixed with a whole new roof. Whether your roof is a few years old or due for a replacement, protect your roofing and budget by calling San Jose Commercial Roofing for a free estimate to repair any leaks.

How Easy is the Whole Process?
  • Call Us to Get a Free Estimate

    We’ll thoroughly inspect all the components of your commercial roof for any needed repairs or replacement.

  • Receive Your Bid

    Next, you’ll receive our competitive bid for your business soon after we’ve completed the estimate.

  • Work Begins

    Once you’ve given us the green light, we’ll quickly get to work restoring your roof’s condition.

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Most Commercial Flat Roofing Problems Can Be Fixed

Call the Top Santa Clara County Commercial Roof Repair Contractor

There are extreme cases where a complete roof replacement becomes necessary, particularly when the installation contractor initially uses the wrong materials or plans poor drainage from the deck of low slope roofing. However, our experienced commercial roofers possess the skills and expertise to make seemingly impossible repairs become a reality.

Let us offer you a free roofing consultation, and we will have a solution that will fit your timeframe and budget. You can keep your existing roof, and eliminate the succession of issues associated with commercial flat roofing systems. Repairs are less expensive and less time consuming than replacement, and your roofing system will go from average to advanced after our services.

Commercial Roof Coatings Can Save You $$$

Immediate Energy Savings with Roofing Membranes

Today, most commercial flat roofing issues can be repaired with a roof coating. These waterproofing membranes are engineered to eliminate leaking, ponding, and deterioration due to the Northern California elements. Whether you currently have a rubber, built-up single-ply, or modified bitumen roof, adding a coating is possible and can add decades to its life.

Considered elastomeric, these materials literally expand and contract as temperatures change to prevent cracks, bubbles, and leaks. This makes them ultra resilient! Also known as “Cool Roofs,” these membranes are reflective and keep can help reduce energy costs by half. Less heat inside also means less equipment wear and lower operating costs. To boot, the Federal Government also offer tax incentives for business owners using “Cool Roofs.” Call today for a free estimate from an expert commercial roofer in Santa Clara, CA.

Need Commercial Metal Roofing Services in San Francisco Bay?

A Licensed Commercial Roofer Can Help

When it comes to Santa Clara, CA commercial roof repair, we understand how stressful things can be for business owners. That’s why we offer a complimentary consultation to identify the real issues. Most commercial roofing systems can be saved, regardless of their fabrication. We’ll do everything we can to save your roof and save you money with an honest assessment of your commercial roofing needs.

We work with the top manufactures in the industry and use only superior supplies in every job we do. Regardless of the type of commercial metal roofing system that you currently have, we can handle your repair or replacement efficiently and cost-effectively. Speak to an experienced commercial roofer today, and we can get to work as quickly as tomorrow.

Considering Santa Clara Commercial Metal Roofing Repairs ?

Metal Roof Coatings are the Solution!

Practical and popular, commercial metal roofing repair is one of the easiest ways to restore the look and integrity of your structure to protect its contents. Metal roof coatings can eliminate leaks, prevent rusting, and transform your roof into an energy-efficient money saver!

We take the time to get your repair done correctly the first time by refurbishing your roof step-by-step. Proper rust removal, cleansing, screw securing, and sealing panel seams ensure that your roof repair will bring you years of security. Finally, a waterproofing topcoat is applied, giving your business Class A Fire Resistance and monumental long-term savings!

Commercial Metal Roof Repair and Coating in Santa Clara, CA

An Immediate Return on Investment for You

Whether you have custom fabrication or a fastened metal roof system, a coating will pay for itself quickly in numerous ways and some are immediate!

  • Immediate Energy Reduction – Up to 40%
  • Increases Property Value
  • Insurance Discounts
  • Federal Tax Incentives
  • Virtually Maintenance Free Roofing
  • Lower Life Cycle Cost Than Most Other Systems

Give the Santa Clara, CA commercial roof repair experts a call, and we’ll show you how you can make the most of your current roof before considering a replacement or new roofing installation in San Francisco Bay.

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